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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 5:00 the latest on the aftermath of yesterday's storm, trees down power out and nerves on ejiofor what this next round of heavy rain will bring. we have team coverage straight ahead. >> plus, demonstrators hit the streets of oakland. organizers call it the largest protest against fracking in the history of the united states. we'll show you more. and six people are behind bars tonight accuses of shipping military gear and cash to isis from america. details on that, as well. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. thousands without power still in the bay area after the wind and rain. pg&e crews are gearing up for the next round.
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we have team coverage of the stormy weather. rob is tracking the storm. first, let's turn to na net miranda live in san francisco where people scrambled to fix problems before tomorrow's storm arrives. >> that's right. public works still hasn't gotten to the tree behind me probably because it's a low priority because it did not fall on a house. it just fell on a light pole. still, the fallen tree was the last thing area residents thought they would see after yesterday's storm. >> yeah i would never expect this, you know out of that storm. >> considering the city has had worse storms with minimal damage, residents of this neighborhood were surprised to come across a downed tree at the park. clearly from the condition at the base the drought weakened it causing it to fall. alberto navarro played on that same tree as a kid. >> there's a lot of history for us, you know being in this neighborhood for 30 plus years, you know? you just hope that the other ones are okay because i think
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the drought is definitely affecting you know the trees obviously. >> reporter: across the bay in the berkeley hills, high winds caused a massive 90-foot pine to crash down across three back yards, damaging the roof of one home. sandy thompson and her two dogs went indoors just in time before the tree fell. >> it was scary because i was just outside with the dogs in the yard. like maybe 15 minutes before. >> reporter: a break between storms allows clean-up and power crews to catch up. some girl scouts seized the opportunity to boost cookie sales after dismal results during yesterday's bad storm. >> i think it's much better because it's not really raining and i hope it will stay this way so i can sell more cookies. >> while some cities are providing sandbags in anticipation of tomorrow's storm, residents in affected areas are worried about what will happen next after what they've seen today. >> these really big old trees are not safe around the houses.
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so it's caused concern. >> reporter: yesterday's storm led to the cancellation of dozens of flights at san francisco international airport with more rain in the forecast tomorrow and high winds, the same could happen tomorrow. live in san francisco, na net miranda, nbc bay area news. >> bracing for that indeed. pg&e crews are using the break in the weather to restore power to those impacted by the storm and get ready for the next round. the utility opened emergency operations in san francisco where they can plan and execute their response to outages after the strong winds. workers have been responding to the storm. >> is the lull in the weather across most of our service area has allowed to us restore a great majority of the customers who were impacted by the storm.
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at this point, we're at about 90% systemwide have been restored. >> and they have been very busy. how about this the latest numbers show about 1100 customers still without power in the north bay. about 600 along the peninsula, 300 in the south bay and 40 in the east bay. they say crews continue to work on fixing remaining outages. >> they're fixing what happened. we're trying to get ready for what's coming. another storm on the way. here's rob may yed da. >> enjoying a nice break in san jose. 645 muggy degrees outside. a lot of moisture in the air. sun breaking through. partly cloudy skies there. the showers have temporarily ended in the santa clara valley. still a few lingering showers it out toward san francisco for now. no rain just yet. you can notice off to the west more clouds. this is the sunday storm system that has quite a few things going for it. once again, pulling up tropical moisture out of the south.
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very strong jet stream firing this into california. what's interesting is the change in wind direction. winds racing in left to right. at the surface, strong winds out of the south tomorrow contributing to a wind advisory. that directional wind shear could take your average thunderstorm and perhaps turn it into something more severe during the day tomorrow. there's the potential for stronger wind gusts and potentially larger hail than we're accustomed to. the bay area has been include the in the storm prediction area for marginal severe storms for tomorrow. that's one component of the story. the risk of thunder as the next storm comes in. beginning 7:00 tomorrow morning, gusty winds 20 to 40 miles per hour with stronger gusts. so it's the thunder, the wind and another rainfall event that could be added up by the inch per hour in a few spots. we'll let you know how much rain we're expecting out of the system coming up in a few minutes. >> a lot of active weather. thank you so much. doll stay with us for continuing
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coverage of the weather. we have an ap that will help you stay on top of the elements. you can see the latest forecast for your specific area on our realtime radar. >> tonight a san jose woman is dead and investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire that appears to have killed her that broke out at 2:00 this morning on moss hollow drive near capitol expressway. when firefighters got to the scene, flames were shooting into the air. find an elderly woman dead in the back bedroom. it could take awhile to pin point the cause because of the extent of the damage. the woman is believes to be the only person inside at the time. >> a deadly crash left one person dead this morning in brentwood and shut down a busy road for hours just before 10:30 this morning at the interaction of vas coroad and camino diablo. two cars were involved. exact details are under investigation. >> they don't like fracking and they took to the streets in oakland today to call on
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governor gary martinez brown to stop it in california. environmental and labor groups started their protest at the plaza. signs read follow the science and stop fracking. the group says the process of injecting chemicals into underground rocks is bad for the climate, bad for people's health. >> he says he's a climate leader. he says he's all for the environment but when it comes to real policy he hasn't done anything. >> a spokesman for the governor says there is no direct evidence harm from fracking. the governor has done more to deal with climate change than any political leader in the western hemisphere he says. that includes imposing fracking regulations that are some of the toughest in the nation 199340 seasons of fun, great america is looking to hire some help to celebrate its 40th season hiring up to 2500 employees. today job seekers showed up an the job fair to apply for work.
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the park is looking for everyone from entry level employees to supervisor positions. >> our season opens march and we go all the way through the end of october. we're looking for positions now and right before summer looking for additional positions to fill, as well. >> now, if you missed today's job fair you can go to great america's website for a complete listing of positions. they are santa clara's fifth largest employer. >> they were talking about this means spring is not far away. i like that feeling. >> good weather you can feel it out there. >> coming up next at 5:00 a major announcement from the nbc's brian williams. plus is she dead or isn't she? the debate rebs up over the fate of an american aid worker even as more attacks are launched against isis. >> the fight for public access to a beach. it takes another legal turn. this goes on and on. we'll have the judge's latest ruling on the beach.
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"nbc nightly news" anchor and managing editor brian williams announced he will take a short break from the broadcast for a few days. williams is the subject of an
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internal review after mounting questions about the accuracy of a story that he told about an iraqi war assignment in 2003. in a piece that aired on nightly news last week he claimed a military helicopter he was riding in took on enemy fire. williams has since said he made a mistake in recalling that incident and has apologized. in a note to nbc news staff tonight, he said "it has become painfully apparent to me that i am present too much a part of the news due to my actions." >> the cia is looking into claims from isis that their last american hostage has been killed. isis claims the aid worker died in one of jordan's air strikes. jordan says it's not so. jordan is stepping up its battle against militant targets in retaliation for the execution of one of its pilots. keir simmons has the latest jordan. >> the jordanians are utterly rejecting the claim that their bombs killed an american
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hostage. they watched those f-16s takeoff. >> jordanian jets took off this morning. their targeting? isis fighters and bases. the unconfirmed claim from isis that an american hostage has been killed in the bombing raids has not shaken jordan's resolve. jordan's leaders say their retaliation will be relentless. >> we have to increase this and step up this not just the air campaign but as we said and as we promised we're going to go after these guys wherever they are and with everything we have. >> reporter: the public in mood appears to have shifted decisively. thousands on the streets yesterday, a protest against the jihadists headed by queen reyna herself. >> jordan will never go down. you can never bring us down. >> we will fight and they will
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win. >> the u.s. military is providing close support for the jordanians. two u.s. f-22 fighter planes landed here this morning alongside jordanian jets that had taken off laden with bombs. >> this campaign continues and what we from talking to people here on this base and in this country during these demonstrations gather is there does appear to have been a real shift in public opinion in favor of this campaign against isis. back to you. >> now, incredibly there's been a series of arrests connected to isis right here in the united states. last night fbi agents arrested a married coup in st. louis and took them straight to court on charges of arming and funding the terrorists. prosecutors say that the bosnian natives used facebook to communicate with fighters sending them military gear and cash and they were not working alone. four others are also behind bars. one man from st. louis, one from new york antoine women from illinois.
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a lawyer for one of the women is now downplaying the charges. >> the next step is the bond hearing on monday to see if she can report to missouri and face charges on her own. >> federal investigators have been working for two years to track the suspects. they say the st. louis couple were the point people for funneling supplies to isis fighters. among the items they alledgedly shipped to the middle east uniforms, boots, firearms and rifle scopes as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> now to the latest on the martin's beach access battle. a judge rejected a bid frif a venture capitalist to start a new trial. he argued there is no evidence in the case and he has several objections to the ruling. the public must be allowed access to the ocean through his property. the wealthy investor owns 89 acres along the martin's beach a popular surf spot. the surf rider foundation and others who have been fighting to regain access see the ruling as another victorying >> and coming up next "america's got talent" coming to
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the bay area. warm up the vocal cords there. >> they're not looking for me i don't think. >> we're going to take a look at the auditions. give you a sneak peek. >> whoa.
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life's morning multitasking. it's multiple ideas for growing families
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and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. well, it may be offseason but giants fans donned their orange and blacking to see hair baseball heroes and this year's fan fest. thousands waited for hours to meet busty posey, madison
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bumgarner and hunter pence. fans got to pose with all three of the world series trophies. that's cool. while meeting some of the fans players say the excitement is getting them all revved up for the new season. >> we miss it. we're ready to see how excited everyone is and it's awesome. >> the giants first game of the spring season is in march. against the oakland a's just a month away. >> runners did this today. they stripped down to their underwear. in san jose. all in the name of charity. >> i was not there. >> cupid's undie run took over downtown. racers raised money for a serious foundation the children's tumor foundation but they had a crazy time doing it. organizers say more than 30 cities participate worldwide in this. we're not alone in san jose. this year they hope to raise $3 million. runners lucked out dodging both of this weekend's big storms. >> i have nothing but respect for those people. that's amazing >> respect is the word you're
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looking? dash. >> rain here in the bay area means snow in the sierra. take a look at the video from heavenly ski resort showing off brand new powder. it got eight inches overnight of fresh snow. it is still coming down and other resorts are also reporting more new snow. north star received 10 inches so far. >> no snow down here. we've had some rain. >> a lot of rain even them morning, it was really coming down. >> the two-day totals starting to add up around the bay area. the north bay you've got more than 10 inches of rain. clover dale 8 inches. san rafael 3.25 and counting. had he ever san francisco further behind just above an inch of rain there. look at san jose and morgan hill. two inches of rain as round one is officially done round two tomorrow. an interesting site in the santa cruz mountains where the weather keeps its radar. at that elevation, they've had
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more than six inches of rain. we will certainly count more as we go through the day tomorrow. right now 63 degrees in san francisco. partly cloudy skies. pretty view to the west there from emeryville toward san francisco. orange sunshine there. san jose partly cloudy skies. pretty evening and pretty muggy outside. 64. you get showers around the bay area and temperatures in the mid 60s it does have a bit of a tropical feel to the air. we have tropical moisture coming up out of the southwest into the bay area. right now, here is the relative break in the action before tomorrow things intensify again. first the chance of strong thunderstorms at times. as we see the winds aloft contributing to stronger updrafts which in turn could contribute to larger hail at times and stronger wind gusts, too. watch out for that during the day tomorrow. if you don't get the thunderstorm the entire bay area tomorrow morning, we'll see the southerly winds increase again, 20 to 40 miles an hour some close to 50.
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the most widespread rain we'll see if the next system likely coming in just after sunrise tomorrow and embedded within this line of rain could be thunder even during the morning hours. things are unstable with the winds aloft we could get the thunder. as you transition into the afternoon and evening, scattered showers still a clans of thunderstorms probably decreasing towards about this time tomorrow into tomorrow night. you'll still see scattered showers as we get into monday. the projections are with this next system the rainfall estimates the hilltop area seeing the most. we could add 3, 4, maybe more than that inches of rain for portions of the far north bay. an inch of rain around san francisco. santa cruz mountains, north bay hills adding up the rain by the inch once again. tomorrow a stormy and windy day. we'll get a little bit of sun at times for the afternoon. highs just like we're seeing right now. low to mid 60s outside with the chance of thunder taking us through your sunday forecast.
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but the forecast for the rest of the week it will get interesting. once the system lifts on by we'll see high pressure building in. very active day tomorrow. some showers lingering into monday. watch what happens as we go back to the workweek a chance of early showers on monday. things dry out, mid-70s around the south bay towards thursday and friday. a very stormy day tomorrow. but it looks like we're almost transitioning back to spring-like temperatures through the middle part of this upcoming week. >> 70s. >> i guess you can have it all. >> there you go. we'll be right back.
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the subject of the most popular podcast in history serial has been granted an appeal. the serial made its debut last october going into the case of a man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend in 1999. 12 episodes later serial has grown enormously in popularity. now the main character who has now maintained his innocence for 15 years has been granted an appeal. a tweet from serial today reads the maryland court of special appeals rules it will hear arguments in the case in its june session. that ruling was made yesterday. >> bay area residents got a chance to show off today in hopes of being the next million dollar act on "america's got talent." ♪ ♪ they say you can't go hope
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again ♪ >> he's pretty good. >> producers held open auditions in santa clara. about 1,000 people expected to show up. producers love looking for talent right here in the bay area. >> yeah i think we love the bay area. there's a great diversity of talent. we're the only show open to any age and any talent. we've seen everything from singers and groups and bands, martial arts dance. so we get to see a lot of stuff. that's what our show is about. >> makes me wish i had any talent. >> the me too. >> look at this guy. >> ow. ow. >> it was the last leg of open auditions around the country. you can still get in on this. send in a video. don't have to be there. don't forget to watch next season here on nbc bay area. >> i remember susan boyle was one in the uk version, an incredible voice. i love they don't have an age limit. talent knows no age. >> very true. my tap dancing >> coming up next, lotto fever in the bay area.
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the powerball up to $380 million. got your tickets?
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lotto fever is sweeping the bay area and beyond. the powerball jackpot now up to $380 million. nobody won wednesday's draw agobviously. this means another chance for one lucky winner to cash in on the sixth largest powerball of all time. >> you kind of thinking about buying a ticket were you? >> no, but it's too big to pass up. there's a lot of family and friends that we would help, as well. so there's a lot of good that we could do with it. >> if you want to get in on the powerball action you have till 7:00 to get your tickets. >> all right. quick check of the forecast here. >> mild temperatures right now
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tomorrow morning, the winds pick up and a chance of thunderstorms, too. wild finish to the week. >> all right rob. "nbc nightly news" is next. we'll see you back here at 6:00. on this saturday night, drenched. pounding rain hits the west coast bringing dangerous floods and even the threat of mudslides. and in the east they're bracing for another foot of snow. fighting isis. we're on a military base as coalition forces launch another day of punishing air strikes, while the family of a captured american aid worker holds out hope their daughter is still alive. hard hit, the lawsuit that could be a game-changer. a mother sues her son's football league alleging sport played a role in his suicide. and playing hooky? think again. the new app that gives you a heads-up if your college kid is skipping class. from n


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